Alisia's Helping Hands

Per Hour Rates:


Hourly Personal Care, Light House cleaning and/or Errand Services

Hourly Personal care, light house cleaning and/or Errand Service ....$17.00 first hour 2 hour minimum & $15.00 there after

Grocery Shopping ....$17.00 flat fee for the first 4 bags ($8.00 to put groceries away)

Doctors Appointments .....$17.00 first hour $15.00 each additional hour

Waiting services....$17.00 first hour & $15.00 every hour after that. We will wait on service workers for installations, utilities, repairs, or deliveries

House cleaning Services ....$17.00 first hour one hour minimum & $15.00 each hour there after

Manicure, and/or Pedicures for the Elderly or Handicap we come to you!

Manicure & Pedicure $25.00, Manicure $15.00 and Pedicure $17.00

                                        Gift Certificates:

 Gift Certificates Available in $25.00 or $15.00 increments!!

Any referrals get 10% off your next service 

                                     Fees, & Payments,


1. All agreed upon fees owed to Alisia's Helping Hands. are to be paid on or before services rendered.

2.Client is responsible for all costs related to requests and payment is due before service will take place. These costs include items like dry cleaning, automobile repair, catering, and personal shopping items.

3.The following payment methods are currently accepted: Cash, Checks, and Money Orders


1.A fee of $35.00 will be assessed on any and all returned checks..

2.Additional mileage charges of $0.40/mile will apply to any job outside of a 15-mile radius, unless otherwise stated

3.Late fees, at 3% interest, will begin to accrue 7 days after service has been completed.

4.Unused time WILL NOT be refunded.


1.The following surcharges will occur: $25 with 4 hours or less notice/holidays, $15 added to the bill for same day request, $10 per hour for after hours on weekdays/weekends. These are in addition to regular charges.

2.Client will be charged a $5 fee for a separate trip to pick up payment.


1.Cancellation of services requires a 24 hour notice.

2.If no notice is given, all monies paid will be forfeited . Notice can be given via telephone Office/Cell (941) 920.8271 or e-mail  


1. Alisia's Helping Hands. will not at any time sell or exchange our client information to outside sources.

2. Alisia's Helping Hands. will not give out any information about our clients without their consent.

3.Vendors/Service Providers will be provided with only the information required to complete a specific task.

4.Discretion will be strictly adhered to by Alisia's Helping Hands. and all employees.


1. Alisia's Helping Hands. will not perform any work on Client's behalf that is illegal or puts our employees in unreasonable danger.  

Satisfaction Guarantee:

1. Alisia's Helping Hands. offers its clients a satisfaction guarantee on all services rendered.

2.If you are not satisfied with any of your services, Alisia's Helping Hands. will refund all monies paid.